Big Tease

My apologies for the silence. It has been an occasion filled few weeks and I feel as if I’m on spin cycle. The photos are just a hint of all that has been going on, and in the next few days I’ve got a whole lot of writing to do in an attempt to catch you all up.

However, first I’ve got to get some boxes ready for the moving trailer David will be pulling in with any moment now. Stay tuned.

4 responses to “Big Tease

  1. Linnea,

    you got your MARTINI–woot woot!! I take it that you’re moved in and that is the new tub. I hope all went well and i look forward to reading your blog.

    Best~~ Hailee

    • Hailee, better late than never, and in the tub is always best of all. It was so very wonderful to meet you–yay Canada! And Happy Mothers Day!


  2. I’ve been waiting!! It was so wonderful to meet you. I loved your spirit. I look forward to sharing this journey with you. I’m not sure I’ve quiet recovered from Denver and I’m sure you haven’t given the huge surprise at the end!
    Fondly, Sara

    • Sara, it was wonderful to meet you as well. What a weekend, what a surprise, and just know I’m with you on this journey. I’ve got big plans for you and me girl!


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