What’s up? Everything.

Yesterday, when I began this post, I was looking out the window at a sudden snow squall. It’s the final week of April. Will winter never end?

There are subtle signs. In the past week I’ve seen a snake, a butterfly and a cardinal. The forsythia is ready (but waiting) to burst forth. Today I walked past some freshly spread mulch; it certainly smelled like spring.

Sigh. It is not as if I’ve had much time for frolicking even had the weather been beckoning. In two days I travel to Colorado for a brief visit with family and then I will attend the National Lung Cancer Partnership 2011 Lung Cancer Advocacy Summit (what a mouthful!). Before I return, David will have begun moving boxes into our new home.

Last week my sister Bink was here for a visit. We had a wonderful dinner at Mary and Raleigh’s one night and attended a housewarming party at my friend Michael’s as well. Michael is a sculptor, and he had all sorts of new work up, including the bubble wrap squid in one of the photos above.

I took Bink to our own house-to-be, and she made some measurements for a future renovation (Binky is a very talented designer).  She never ever goes ‘shopping’, so we did a bit of that as well. She bought us the little tin and iron bird (above) as a housewarming gift. It was sure great to hang with one of my siblings.

It’s been a busy time for Pete, who found out a little over a week ago that he was accepted to the Academy for Science and Design (woohoo). His proud sister bought him a Kindle in celebration. On Wednesday he turned fourteen and was the recipient of some really cool clothes from assorted aunts and uncles and godmothers, checks from grandparents (he’s saving for his first car already) and a cell phone from his parents. I prepared his favorite meal for dinner (sirloin tips) and a film at the cinema was postponed until the following evening due to a heavy load of homework.

I had my appointment at MGH on Tuesday and Alice (Dr. Shaw) and I talked about my mutation and treatment options in greater detail. More about that in a day or two, when I write a real meat and potatoes post (read:  I try to break down the science in a way I can understand).

Speaking of science, that was my husband’s field of study. He is  currently working in the next room. In the midst of all the activity, I have had a difficult time focusing on blogs. A  few minutes ago I told him that I now realized that my relationship to a task was such, that although I had a lot of trouble getting started, once I did, everything was hunky dory.

His response: “I know. You have a very, very, high activation energy barrier.” Well now. Glad we got that figured out.

Speaking of, the sun is actually shining which gives at least the illusion of warmth (as well as raising my spirits), so I think I’ll get motivated for a walk. Once I get started, it’s all good.

7 responses to “What’s up? Everything.

  1. Hey you of the high activation energy barrier, terrific photos (as always). Love Bink’s bird in front the b-day card (that was one of the most perfect cards I’ve ever found for you, I think). Bubble wrap squid are fabu! XXXs to Pete and Dave and Jem too. -W

    • Wendy, you always send perfect cards, but yes, that was one of the best. Aren’t the squid absolutely fabulous? He also made a very fauve-ish red lion bursting out of a gilt frame–I will send you a photo. Talented fellow. XXXX’s back to you, and I’ll plant one on Aug as well, as I will actually be eating Easter dinner with him tomorrow in Colorado. I’m recalling long ago photos of all of us at a picnic in the city, and someone was dressed as a bunny? Hmm….Love, Linnea

      • Yes, do give Aug a big squeeze. Oh yeah, the picnic and the bunny…. Happy Easter to all of you. XOXO W

  2. linnea,
    I went to the NLCP Summit last year (in Tampa of all places.) Have fun in Colorado. Love The Tattered Cover Bookstore.

    I’ll be at Race for Grace May 1 and I think I’ll be in DC for the LUNGevity Summit later in the month. Funny activities on our calendars. Too bad we haven’t crossed paths, yet!

    • Stephanie, tis unacceptable that we haven’t crossed paths yet. What are we going to do about it?

      I love The Tattered Cover as well–I lived in Denver briefly in my early twenties.

      So you’ll have to tell me about your adventures (the race and the summit) and I’ll report back on mine. Happy Easter (I’m in Chicago for a layover and the sun is shining!).


      • Hope you had a good time in Denver!

        Just back from my 6th of 6 treatments and saw my primary onc for the first time since the Feb. scan – turns out I misunderstood the results. Met shrank not 35%, but more like 70-80%! He was beaming. I had cake.

        Seattle brought out a sunny morning and visible Mt. Rainier for Race for Grace. I walked the whole 5K! Yay!

      • Stephanie! What great news! 70-80% is far more impressive and very worthy of cake. I am way impressed that you walked the whole 5K as well. Denver was phenomenal–more about that later. Congrats and love to you,


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