Could this be spring fever…

I’m restless and distracted and struggling a bit when it comes to sitting down and writing. A blog of ‘substance’ is in the works, but in the meantime I figure I’ll just put up some pretty/gritty photos from our trip to the south shore last weekend.

I had fun wandering around New Bedford near Jem and Jamie’s apartment, and the interior shots are from Meema’s empty house. The bowl of eggs came from her bantam hens.

See if you can spot the accidental self portrait. I’ll have to remember to make a happier face the next time I take my own picture.

4 responses to “Could this be spring fever…

  1. Love the self portrait!

    CTscan shows 40% reduction of the liver met and no new flares since stopping Tarceva. Hate the cocktail, but went ahead with round 4 this afternoon. Carbo/Alimta/Avastin. Can do two more rounds if I can handle it, then maintenance? Today, all the nurses and reception said “You look so good!” (and can I touch your hair?) Good for the psyche.

    Terrific windstorm last night – I went out and stood against it to absorb some of those crazy ions and watch the dusk sky. Cat followed me around out there, making a fuss, and when we went in, he laid down next to me for an hour – strange behavior for the ferocious cat that he is.

  2. Stephanie, 40% is impressive; no new flares better yet. I guess you’ll just have to keep drinking the drink. Besides, if it makes you look so good, how can you not! Congrats are in order (and thanks for sharing the good news).

    I love wind. When I was nineteen, I spent a semester abroad in Lacoste, France. It was proximal to Arles, where Van Gogh painted and also cut off his own ear. They have a seasonal wind there called the mistral; it is relentless. As much as I love the wind, this was oppressive: just a constant pushing (hard). I feel it likely contributed to Vincent’s malaise.

    Cool that your cat became a storm watcher as well. I’d love to know what was going through his little feline brain as he lay next to you afterward.

    I’m happy that things are going well Stephanie. Keep up the good (hard) work 🙂


  3. Love the self portrait! How fun!!!

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