And it just keeps coming down

Snow. Lots and lots; seven to eleven inches today, more tonight and in the days to follow. Those warm days were just a teaser.

It’s been a busy week. Our good friend Frank was here last weekend with his son James and on Saturday they hit the slopes with David and Peter. On Sunday it was bitter cold outside, and the guys opted for sledding in the backyard instead. Frank and James were able to stay until Monday morning and it was great to see them both.

Tuesday morning was my monthly appointment at MGH; all routine. It was agreed that even though I wasn’t schedule for a scan for another seven weeks, I would come in for a physical every four weeks. Alice (Dr. Shaw) just felt better that way, and I’m not inclined to disagree with her.

Afterward I joined my friend Sadie and her Husband Pete at the condo they just moved into on the edge of a salt marsh. The three of us enjoyed dinner and conversation together and I slept over; a lovely respite.

Yesterday was filled with errandsw in anticipation of the forecasted snowfall. And then last night, quite suddenly, I was feeling like crap again. Back pain, muscle aches, headache and general flu-like symptoms. After dinner I took some Advil and went straight to bed. This morning I felt a little better but my face was swollen and my head and sinuses hurt.

I began to wonder if my symptoms might be due to the Levaquin, which I had been on for a week and a half. The last time I took it, after ten days my face swelled up as well. After googling side effects, I’m pretty convinced that is the case. Troublesome, as I am resistant to most antibiotics now, and I feel backed into a corner with the recurring sinusitis.

I’ve just got to do what I can to strengthen my natural defenses and frankly, to hold out for spring. It will be a breath of fresh air indeed.

8 responses to “And it just keeps coming down

  1. Linnea, I hope that you are feeling better & can find something to alleviate symptoms at the least. It was rain, sleet & snow here, so basically a cold mess & I can see where I am going to have to invest in some puddle jumpers soon as I hate wet feet!! I hope we can get together before summer~ take good care my friend

    • Lorraine, everyone should have puddle jumpers. Get some, girl! I am feeling better, thank you and we will get together prior to summer (which seems so very far away at the moment).

      Love, Linnea

  2. Dear Linnea:
    4″ to 6″ fall here, wish it was ice cream to relief your flu symptoms.
    I notice a collection of cacti in a Green room, I also have cacti, yucca and orchids in bloom now at home,I like your fat cacti with rabbit ears. With a runny nose I feel like a bird carried out of place with the storm.
    Is sunny now!
    ( ) ( ) ( )

    • Guillermo, a bird carried out of place with the storm…do bird’s noses (beaks) run? I have some orchids as well. Cactus and orchids both are some of my favorite flora. What is sunshine, I can’t remember 🙂

      Linnea ( ) xxx ()

  3. I love your guest room (?)!! Nice colors! But, I hope you don’t get earthquakes like we do in Japan. Imagine those pots of cactus falling on your head while you are sleeping! Ouch!!!

    I hope you feel better soon. Love, Yuki

    • Yuki, as we lived in California for some time, I am well acquainted with the perils of earthquakes. Anything precious (or potentially deadly) was either low or secured. I’ve become a bit cavalier here, as we are not immune to earthquakes either. However, they are infrequent. Our natural disasters usually contain a mixture of wind and water.

      Good to hear from you–I think of you often.

      Love, Linnea

  4. Love the cactus corner. Well, after talking with you last week during balmy weather in the ’80s things have changed and it’s quite nippy now. The Bay Area was all excited and primed for a real snowfall last night (hasn’t happened for real — that the snow sticks and you can make an actual snowman — since 1976), but it was not to be. The rain had already passed before it got cold enough. It’s lovely today, though. Sierra cold but bright skies and marshmallow clouds.

    • Wendy, if you want to see some real snow (and maybe roast some marshmallows in our fireplace), you know where to find us. Love you, miss you (miss California too).


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