Spring: trial run

I’ve been taking it a bit easy the past week, as I’ve had yet  another sinus infection; this one took up residency in my lungs with alarming speed. I had a ticket to fly to Austin today to cheer on Team Lung Love and my sister Laura, but I made the difficult decision earlier in the week to not travel yet. The past few months, every time I’ve flown somewhere, I’ve gotten sick almost immediately afterward. Whether it’s the pressurized cabin, or perhaps the the close quarters; I’m not certain; but it’s been a trend I’d like to end.

Yesterday it was sunny and in the forties, which felt like the eighties compared to the chilly temperatures we’ve endured for months now. I felt well enough to strap on my snowshoes and to venture into the woods. Almost immediately I found a beautiful little nest that had somehow weathered all the storms; perhaps that of a wren.

The sun warmed my face and a whispery rattle was coming from the beeches, which hang onto some of their papery leaves until the new ones bud. I placed my hand on the trunk of a large maple, and I swear I could feel the sap running.

I came done with an instant case of spring fever.

Today the thaw continued, and Buddy and I were able to walk the two miles up and down the road; the dust kept down by running water. It felt so good. When I picked Pete up at the bus stop, a mall flock of ducks was circling endlessly above us. I think they had the fever too.

Before you know it, we’ll be sipping iced tea in the same adirondack chairs that are yet up to their knees in slushy snow.

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