Snow Day!

It has taken me a week to get out from under the flu. My first night home, I hardly slept;  I was all amped up on steroids. That morning David says to me, “you’ve got food, you’ve got shelter, ask me for nothing”. Poor guy was totally swamped after two days of back and forth to the hospital.

After a basically sleepless second night, I did the math and figured I’d had a total of twelve hours of sleep in four nights. It was time for intervention. Alice prescribed ativan on Friday, and I went to bed at eight and slept for twelve blissful hours.

David shopped for groceries and cooked up a storm over the weekend, as he was getting ready to travel for two weeks. On Monday morning I dropped Pete at school and then David at the airport. I was still coughing too much to be out in public, but I needed a couple of days to just catch up on laundry et al anyway. And then on Wednesday, snow! Lots and lots of snow. I woke Pete up at 6 am to let him know school was cancelled, and he said “thanks Mom!” with such gratitude that you’d think I’d been personally responsible for the fact that he could go back to sleep.

This morning the sun was out and much to Pete’s chagrin, it was just a regular school day. However, tomorrow he will be on the ski slopes with his classmates: fresh powder is a splendid way to spend a Friday afternoon.

15 responses to “Snow Day!

  1. Love the blue door. Story?

    We had snow Tuesday night, but it washed away in the morning commute.

    Had carbo/alimta/avastin Monday. Skipped dex the day before and after and doing okay. Yesterday’s sludge tongue perhaps resolved. Even went to hear Dr. Sid. Mukherjee last night (have not read the book).

    Glad to see you arise.

    • The blue door–there would be two if I’d had time before the cold set in. It matches an adirondack chair. I like color. Our front door is bright orange; red on the inside.

      Snow that washes away in one commute is not worth its salt (that’s the kind of joke my father would have made).

      Sludge tongue? Describe…Now that you are injecting the serious cocktails, let me know if you want me to have a drink for you 😦

      Was the talk worthwhile? The book is sometimes too heavy on metaphor, but he is an engaging storyteller. Makes cancer interesting, somehow.

      Be well.


      • Sludge tongue was like there was something there I could not clean off, but slightly unsavory. Not so much metallic as sludgy. Please drink for me! I am allowed to now actually – have been on antibiotics so much of the past year that I’ve forgotten what drinks are (one that acts like antibuse, so no alcohol.)

        Dr. M was charming and a good speaker. Very human in his highly educated persona. I think there may have been a bit of swooning in the hall.

        Buddy looks a bit like a lion on attack there. I bet he loves that new snow.

    • Stephanie, when you reply to my reply, I can’t reply (?). Silly, really. Sludge tongue sounds nasty, and you’re not the only one (see Guillermo). I’d be honored to drink for you , as long as I’m able. Tonight’s selection is a nice zin.

      I thought the doctor looked quite handsome in his author photo; perhaps a little too good-looking for his own good (is that possible?). Makes cancer almost sexy. Do read the book; the lucky bloke is smart as well.

      You nailed the description of Buddy as a lion. Thru and thru (or is it through? My education in grammar was incomplete.) Spent the day with a film maker for an as yet unrealized project. I find the subject of me insufferably boring.

      Tomorrow, more of the same. For, of all things, the Dr. Oz show. The things I do for lung cancer. In the meantime, I think I’ll keep my day job.

      Hang in there and fight the good fight.


      • I saw that Dr. Oz has an open call looking for “unusual” lung cancer folks. Better you than me.

        Our neighbors refer to our cat as “Scar” – I believe the less desirable lion in The Lion King. He is a most interesting feline, most of the time. Frightening only on occasion.

        I can’t see other’s post when I respond – your Dutch companion – Caroline, is it? Just read thru (or is it through?) her English bits and all I can say is, sister, we are of one mind in so many ways. What a terrible unifying thing this disease is.

        Last note – good Dr. West has announced a Race for Grace April 24 – in case anyone will be in the Seattle area for this fundraiser.

  2. Great you feel better..the snow is wonderfull to see, is that your house? Looks lovely..

    • Caroline, yes, that is our house. And that blonde blur running gleefully toward the camera is our dog, Buddy. Hope you are well.


  3. I am doing ok, thank you! Just finished my fourth chemo CARBO-TAXOL-AVASTIN. I could handle it pretty good. Hope the scans will be good too 😉
    have a nice weekend!

    • Caroline, I’m so happy you found the chemo manageable (you tough chick you). I wish you the very best of fortune with those scans…keep me posted.
      Love, Linnea

  4. Dear Linnea:
    Happy to hear from you again, winning the flu war. Better to have it in Argentina’s summer time now, friends got over the flu in a warm beach in 3 days. Also one of the top wine makers in the world. For wine and colours the Med is best in Spain, Italy, France and Greece.
    I like your lovely large igloo with blue and red doors. Our front door is red, Beryl wanted white inside but I insisted and is red wine all over. You are so lucky drinking all you want, I drink grape juice now, restricted like Stephanie; I had sludge tongue after Alimta without dex steroids got nausea and sleep 18 hours per day. Now I have a clear tongue and appetite again taking Apo-Metoclopramide 10 mg 1 tablet 1/2 hour before meals when needed for nausea. I like ginger for nausea instead of dex but the tablets help me a lot.
    Finally Toronto has a winter decoration, lots of snow, Beryl walks Honey with a friend and her dog every Friday, today the four of them on their 12 boots walked 6 km!
    ( ) ( ) from snow man to snow angel

    • Guillermo, next time (if there ever is a next time), I’m heading straight to the beach with my flu. Three days is just about tolerable. When I felt the worst, I imagined myself basking in the sun and being gently massaged all over my aching body…it would make all illnesses pass more quickly.

      My igloo thanks you. Last night I had trouble falling asleep, and I pictured myself in a real igloo, sleeping naked beneath furs. Perhaps a wee nip of vodka from an ice cup as a night-cap…Bless whatever is responsible for our imaginations.

      ( ) back to you Mr. snowman. Have I told you lately that you are one of my FAVORITE people on this planet? Thank goodness for Guillermo.


  5. Life is a beach! In Mexico I went for a massage, the strong Mayan woman toll me Take of your clothes, I did except my underwear shorts, she said take off everything, I said Do you have a towel? She gave me a face cloth! Great massage, you will love Mexico away from tourist traps! Sleeping naked on furs brings the primitive on us but do you know that an overdose of Tinzaparin, my blood thinner, can produce PRIAPISM… should I tell my female dr. counsellor?.
    FAVORITE only in this planet? In another I may be your favourite FLAVOUR. Everywhere my favourite color is blue, like your door, the sky, the sea and nordic women eyes.

    • Silly Guillermo. I did say planet, but I really meant universe. Good thing Beryl’s eyes are blue. 🙂 Linnea

      ps: priapism?

  6. Thanks Linnea I feel like Mr. Universe now.
    Last night I wake up and could see that your house, behind Buddy, has blue eyes and they are winking!

  7. ps: priapism? check the god Priapus in old Pompei, I was not allowed to see it, 12 year old 1n 1951, don’t go “naked, wet, and shaking” as you do sometimes. Amazing gods in the old days, Washington and Buenos Aires have obeliks. Guillermo

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