Daily Archives: January 13, 2011

Snow Day!

It has taken me a week to get out from under the flu. My first night home, I hardly slept;  I was all amped up on steroids. That morning David says to me, “you’ve got food, you’ve got shelter, ask me for nothing”. Poor guy was totally swamped after two days of back and forth to the hospital.

After a basically sleepless second night, I did the math and figured I’d had a total of twelve hours of sleep in four nights. It was time for intervention. Alice prescribed ativan on Friday, and I went to bed at eight and slept for twelve blissful hours.

David shopped for groceries and cooked up a storm over the weekend, as he was getting ready to travel for two weeks. On Monday morning I dropped Pete at school and then David at the airport. I was still coughing too much to be out in public, but I needed a couple of days to just catch up on laundry et al anyway. And then on Wednesday, snow! Lots and lots of snow. I woke Pete up at 6 am to let him know school was cancelled, and he said “thanks Mom!” with such gratitude that you’d think I’d been personally responsible for the fact that he could go back to sleep.

This morning the sun was out and much to Pete’s chagrin, it was just a regular school day. However, tomorrow he will be on the ski slopes with his classmates: fresh powder is a splendid way to spend a Friday afternoon.