New Year’s Resolutions: 2011

Well, Pete rallied yesterday, and we ended up going to our respective parties. His was a boy/girl sleep-over. My, how things have changed; although, according to Pete, they still play truth or dare. Ours was a festive little gathering at Mary and Raleigh’s.  One martini and two glasses of champagne later, I welcomed in the New Year. Staying up past midnight is truly a note-worthy occasion these days. On the way out the door (at half past twelve), I lay in the snow by their stone steps (in my New Year’s finery), and made a snow angel.

I have finally acclimated to winter temperatures, and this afternoon I took my third hike in as many days into the woods. Yesterday snow shoes were necessary; rising temperatures made them nonessential this time.

I love the forest this time of year. Without the canopy of leaves, it is nowhere near as dark as it was in the warmer months. The snow records the passage of everything, making the comings and goings of the animals transparent as well. David joined me on my walk today, and we added our footprints to the mix.

On this first day of the new year, I also gave some thought to my personal resolutions. They are, of course, always subject to change. For the moment, this is what I hope to accomplish in 2011:

Paint more, draw a lot.

Design and print some t-shirts.

Drive down the East Coast.

Plan a party for November 11th.

Dust off and play my old flute.

Produce and publish some wee books.

Make a dance video.

Learn to play the banjo and to tap dance.

Plan a trip to Gallapegos.

Get a six pack (and you thought the dance video was my throw-away resolution).

See 2012.

Have all my friends see 2012 as well.

2 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions: 2011

  1. If it was legal, I’d happily mail you a six pack – we have good beer in the PNW.
    (I know that wasn’t what you had in mind, but the other is more problematic. I almost had one in 2004. But I seem to have misplaced it.)

    I’m regularly listening to a ukulele – as close as I get to musical instruments. M picked it up.

    Nice list.

    • Stephanie, still looking for more of the back story :), but don’t stop sending in comments. Ever. And I like your idea of a six pack (but am very impressed that you ‘had’ one as well). My sister’s husband works at New Belgium Brewery and (don’t tell the Postal Service), she’s been known to wrap a six pack up in individual shopping bags and stuff them into layers of her daughter’s hand-me-downs, and ship them in a box addressed to my son. Clever girl and loyal little sister.

      Speaking of ukeleles, IZ’s rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow is one of my all time favorites.


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