Daily Archives: December 21, 2010

Tis the season

This is the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice, and our son August’s 25th birthday. He is in Mexico with my sister Bink’s family. Today they are snorkeling; perhaps last night they were able to view the lunar eclipse of the full moon. Unfortunately it was overcast here, but I awakened at both 2 am and 4 am and noted the quality of the light; aware that up above the clouds a celestial show was in progress.

Christmas is almost here. Last week I carted packages to UPS four days in a row. My family is broadly dispersed, and although mail ordered gifts would be simpler and possibly cheaper, I get too much pleasure out of assembling eclectic collections of unique givings, and frankly, the recipients have all come to expect it. The one year I purchased gift certificates for my nieces, word came back that they were quite disappointed.

It’s going to be quiet here these year, as neither our big kids nor any other family members are coming. That didn’t stop David and Peter from bringing home the biggest tree yet; a gorgeous 11 footer.

We always put on Christmas Carols as we decorate the tree, and it still feels (almost) as magical as it did when I was a child. Over the next few days, I will get some baking done, and then on Christmas Eve we will head south to Mattapoisett to celebrate with Jemesii and Jamie and David’s family.

A  confession:  although I adore Christmas, I am always even more excited about the advent of a new year. Putting the old one to bed, and starting out fresh. The possibilities!