Quick fun

On Saturday David, Pete, Buddy and I packed up the car for dinner and a sleepover in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Ipswich was our home for eleven years, and it’s more than nice to go back and visit.

The party was at Beth and Johnnie’s, and included our good friends Chris and Ann. Great food, lots of wine and much catching up and laughter all around. Buddy was honored to be included and I stayed stayed up well past my usual bedtime; it was actually past midnight before I signed off.

We all slept in on Sunday, except for Johnnie, who was working (he’s a sound man, and is currently on the crew of a reality show about hoarders–sign of our times). Beth whipped up some biscotti and french press coffee for breakfast, and then we stopped in at Chris and Ann’s, where Peter got to hang with their son Cooper and new pup Neko, and we had a tour of the work-in-progress renovation of their home.  And we were fed once again; mozzarella, basil and tomatoes sandwiches.

A trip back to Ipswich is always bittersweet for Peter, as having spent the first ten years of his life there, he really feels the tug of his roots. I understand, but as time goes on, I think he will learn to appreciate the very special environment we have in the mountains of New Hampshire.

I too, love the ocean, but our interaction with the life contained by all of that water pretty much stops at the shoreline. It’s much like the sky; another amazing environment which we, without wings of our own, must usually observe from the ground. Even the desert is foreign and unwelcoming to all but very specialized life forms in a way in which the forest is not. Beneath the canopy of trees we can conceivably find food, water and shelter and thus it is a naturally hospitable environment for humans (and of course, lots of other creatures). And I love the fact that we can just walk out our back door and deep into the woods.

Anyway; before I leave Ipswich, one more special note. Our friend Chris is an accomplished practitioner of what he refers to as ‘piggyback’ art. I took a quick peek into the inner sanctum of his studio; for those who would like to see more, follow this link to Eddie Breen.

5 responses to “Quick fun

  1. Hi there,
    I have seen your postings on Inspire and know that you are on Crizotinib. I know that you had progression after 18 months. My mom started the drug in July and she unfortunately now has progression. Her doctor stopped her from taking the drug today and we have an appointment tomorrow. Could you please tell me what happened after you had progression and what you have been on since and what you plan to be on. Also, how did you convince your doctor to allow to you continue to use the drug after progression? I appreciate any advice and suggestions you have. Thank you.

    • Kim, my progression has been slow, and because crizotinib has been so well tolerated by my body, my oncologist felt it best to keep me on for as long as possible. My last scan was actually stable, so it would appear that even with resistance, the crizotinib is partially effective. Obviously every case is individual, but you can certainly ask her oncologist to explain the reasoning behind stopping crizotinib for your mom.
      In my case, the next step will likely be a combination of crizotinb and another targeted therapy.
      One thing to keep in mind (per the uniqueness) is that I have mucinous BAC, an uncommon form of lung cancer. It is just one data point as to why my situation might be different from that of someone else.
      Good luck with this, and to your mom as well.


  2. Hi are you from MA… I was born and raised in MA…. live in FL now (pout)…. Hope you got to have some fried clams while there….

  3. Linnea, glad to hear of your stable scans. I was unable to go to Boston afterall, I would’ve contacted you. I am thinking of you and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year. Here’s to more stable scans and breakthroughs in the treatment of lung cancer!
    Linnea (NY).

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