Daily Archives: December 6, 2010

Winding down Marfa

In between packing up and cleaning, we crammed in two special visits before our departure early Monday morning. We have a friend in Marfa who is an entomologist specializing in dung beetles, and I’d never seen his collection. On Saturday we visit with Dave and his wife Theresa and viewed tray after tray of spectacular bugs. As Jem would say, we were geeking out.

Sunday David and I went on a short drive to the Davis mountains, where our new friends Kosta and Ganka live. They are transforming what was, honest to goodness, a survivalist’s compound (complete with chain link fencing topped with razor wire and surveillance equipment), into a light filled and welcoming little paradise. After champagne and Ganka’s homemade biscotti, we walked around the property which is filled with red rock and scrubby trees and overlooks miles of plains and plateaus. It was a magical end to our Marfa visit.