Another Thanksgiving and one year older as well

Our Colorado family (missed you Owsleys though!) arrived about 9 pm Wednesday. John brought his signature chile and we tucked into a late dinner of that as well as cornbread and margaritas.

Thursday morning David placed a lovingly brined heritage turkey in the oven, and prep work began for all the sides. We paused for some locally produced cranberry salsa and chips around noon, and at 4pm we were joined by our neighbor Jim. Feast time! Turkey, madeira ham, mashed potatoes, David’s famous gravy, stuffing, green beans and ginger, cranberry relish, biscuits with local jam (tomatoes and preserved lemons–sunshine in a jar!), mashed carrots and turnips. We toasted each other, the chef, and all those who couldn’t be present. It was glorious.

A brief pause, followed by pecan and pumpkin pie, also baked locally. Amazing…

I awakened Friday morning a whole year older. We started the day with breakfast at Cochineal. Grits, Migas, french toast, fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee strong enough to stand a spoon in. And yes, that is Luke Wilson at the table behind Laura and August (photos by Jemesii):

After breakfast we lingered in the Marfa Book Company, where I happily selected two birthday books; Frida Kahlo Her Photos and  The Importance Of Being Iceland. A little more walking/riding around town, a quick errand to return the basket the pie had been delivered in, and then lunch at The Pizza Foundation.

It was a lot chillier than it had been the previous day, and we huddled around the little gas fireplace. Amanda had brought along her wee chihuahua, Max. He was a source of fascination for those of us accustomed only to bigger canines (miss you, Buddy), and possibly one of the best little dogs in the world.

Soon it was time to eat again, and hot turkey sandwiches and margaritas were on the menu.

After dinner everyone but Jem and David bundled up for a ride out to the viewing platform for the Marfa Mystery Lights. They did not disappoint, and we were treated to a celestial show as well, under an incredibly clear night sky. The milky way was a clear as spilled milk, the constellations appeared in three dimensions (as they really are!) and there were tons of shooting stars.

Early the next morning John and Amanda (and Max) came and scooped up August and Laura for the long drive back to Colorado. Five minutes after departing, they returned for some forgotten pillows. One more hug for Aug, and they were on the road for real. Until next year.

4 responses to “Another Thanksgiving and one year older as well

  1. Happy birthday ! We go for another year!

    Love Caroline

  2. Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving! I want you to know that your blog has been included on the Navigating Cancer Blog Resource list. If you like, you can view it at
    Happy birthday Linnea!

  3. Becky, thank you and that’s great! My apologies for not responding to your previous comment–if I don’t do it right away sometimes, I don’t remember. I was going through my comments today and found your earlier one. I will navigate now! Linnea

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