Getting ready for the turkey

The house is beginning to fill with good smells, as David prepares a madeira ham (to go with the turkey–a Duff family tradition). By this evening, we’ll also be joined by the Colorado contingent of the family.

My post today is going to be a bit of a mash-up of links. One of the things on my mind as of late has been the FDA proposed warnings for cigarette packages. I find the whole thing a bit ridiculous. It is not that I feel there shouldn’t be a warning on tobacco products; it is just that I don’t understand why cigarettes are still legal. I mean, we all know they are unhealthy for everyone except for the shareholders of Phillip Morris et al, so why, why, why? Isn’t a warning just as effective as spitting on a fire?

Well, of course it is complicated. And a big part of the problem is all of the tax revenues generated by smoking. Guess where that money is going? To the same government that is proposing the warnings on the packages. It’s all more than a bit disingenuous.

November is lung cancer awareness month, something few people are aware of. Following October, dressed in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, ‘our’ month feels a bit like the ugly stepsister. And yet, there are those who are still working tirelessly to get the word out. I wasn’t able to attend this year, but representatives of Lung Cancer Alliance hosted more than 65 Shine A Light on Lung Cancer vigils in 29 states on November 4th. In addition, LCA has released its annual report card on Lung Cancer. And my sister Laura is gearing up for another Team Lung Love marathon in Austin.

Another bit of good news; in a new report from the National Lung Screening Trial, CT scans have finally been recognized as a lifesaving screening tool for those at high risk for lung cancer. The caveat, of course, is that those of us who never smoked are not in the group recommended for screening. Hence, we must remain vigilant as our own health care advocates (something many of us learned too late).

With everything going on in each of our lives, it is easy to become complacent. However, complacency equals complicity. For a tip on something simple each of us can do, check out this article in The Huffington Post.

And, have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

11 responses to “Getting ready for the turkey

  1. Linnea: I give Thanks for your blog and for you, just for being you.
    Canadians celebrate Thanskgiving day on the 2nd Monday of October, giving thanks for a good harvest, at the same time Spanics celebrate Dia de la Raza, your Columbus day.
    Good pictures again showing your Spanish heritage in Teatro Libertad, Freedom Theatre?, in Marfa, Texas (originally Mexican province of Tejas, Mejico), that means clay tiles for roofs or tejados, and Colorado means Red in Spanish. Toast to that with a Margarita!
    Enjoy the holiday, I am glad to see you with lots of energy, I like the sun as medicine. Good luck with your biopsy results and plans.
    Good luck to Buddy, I bet he gets well soon. My old dog Chester enjoyed holidays, two times at Xmas time he eat one pound of imported chocolates, like 10 pounds for a human, and recuperated happily with chocolate pouring at both ends. Another time he was very sick suddenly with convulsions and in the way to the vet throw up on Beryl coat, probably rests of a poisoned mouse, he was playing like a puppy the next day.
    Is different with people, a warning is just as effective as spitting on fire until they spit blood.
    Happy 5 year survival anniversary, toast with a Bloody Mary to that.
    Is getting cold here
    My new schedule is to toast and warm up with radiation for 10 days ending Friday December 3rd.
    Looking forward to the three young women tattooing my chest and pushing me in position,
    Does it hurt? are you comfortable? aim, fire! I am tired now.
    Madeira ham!!! We had spanish tortilla today, leftovers tomorrow?
    Feliz dia de dar gracias

    • Guillermo, I expect by the time I get to Toronto you should have a nice tan from all that radiation…Cheers my friend. We are still here, and who knows how many times we may have been here before…Linnea

  2. Happy Turkey to you and yours, Dear Linnea!



  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Linnea! I’d like to thank you for doing so much for all of us.
    I wish Thanksgiving would be celebrated here too. I’m thankful that life is so good for us right now.
    Have fun!

    • Paula, Thanksgiving is indeed a good holiday–a time to give thanks and to eat good food. Each essential elements of a happy life. Hope you are well and looking forward to traveling. Linnea

  4. Happy Birthday Linnea! And here’s to many more my friend. I sure hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving…I did, although I am looking more forward to Christmas, which I always host with my husband’s family here in NY….then off to NJ for dinner with my family. I must admit I did nothing this year for lung cancer awareness month…I am working on helping a local family whose 12 yr. old daughter was dx with Leukemia over the summer…I also worked at the fire dept. on Thanksgiving Day, trying to help those less fortunate. There were so many volunteers and I ‘m afraid so few patrons. I don’t think they got the word out in the community. Well, enjoy YOUR DAY! Take Care, Linnea (NY)

  5. Happy Turkey Day! I remember this same picture of David, just a few year short years ago, at our house! I can smell the bird from here! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and a GREAT HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! xoxo the Lee’s

  6. Linnea, sounds as if you are plenty busy. I love Thanksgiving, but Christmas is pretty fine as well. And yes, here’s to many more for both of us. Linnea

  7. Great post as always. I don’t read too often but always enjoy when I do. I wanted to mention, as a followup on your tobacco comments, that I’ve funneled my anger into a truth-about-tobacco blog. I assume the link will show up in my name above, but if not, it’s Billions Earned, Millions Killed. Thanks. Seeing your strength helps me me strong.

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