Me in Marfa

So, we landed in Marfa late Friday evening. I spent the next day on bike and foot; just tooling around. Had some mighty fine margaritas in the evening. Then, awakened Sunday morning feeling like poo. Just another sinus infection…
Fairly adept at anticipating the worst, I had packed some levaquin, and after two days I’m feeling better. However, just as the with the previous course of levaquin, my eyes and cheeks are puffing up. I’m hoping it is just a curious interaction with the crizotinib and not a drug sensitivity, because that would be a drag.

I’ve had enough sinus infections through the years that several antibiotics are no longer effective and for the gram negative variety that I had last time, there aren’t a lot of options. So…

Anyway, small potatoes, really. Speaking of, I still haven’t heard anything conclusive regarding the biopsy. Not simple science, this.

But, in the meantime, I am in Marfa, Although it gets cold at night, the sun is a warm and welcome presence during the day. Soon we’ll be joined by my brother John and his girlfriend Amanda as well as our son August and his girlfriend, Laura. On Thursday, we’ll sit down for some of the best turkey ever on my favorite holiday.

In the meantime, a few photos:

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