Taking to the air

Life has continued to be crazy busy. In addition to the usual chaos, a friend is working on some much needed renovations around the house. Not only are we in disarray, I have been occupied painting walls and such myself.

Today we took a break from all that though. It is veteran’s day,  and there was no school. We were up early anyway, as Peter got braces put on today. At the conclusion of his appointment, we drove to the local airport to meet one of our neighbors who is employed as a commercial pilot. He flies for fun as well, and owns a lake amphibian in which he had offered to take us for a spin.

It couldn’t have been a prettier day. Peter was in the copilot’s seat and was given a quick introduction to the control panel as well as the pre-flight checklist. We flew over the lake and circled our own neighborhood twice and also did two touch and go’s on the surface of the water.

Peter had a smile a mile wide as we landed. Perhaps his interest in all things wheeled will soon include wings.

2 responses to “Taking to the air

  1. How wonderful for you and Peter to have enjoyed Veterans Day that way. And what a beautiful picture of the lake!

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