Stockholm: other angles

14 responses to “Stockholm: other angles

  1. Dear Linnea:
    Wonderful pictures, from peace in the country with magic mushrooms to the old city protected with stone guardian angels and bull dogs, BURGER K meals available like at home.
    In the subway among black and white posters you found under a full color sun the poster for Regguide D – Vitamin.
    You may repeat this trip with your grand kids.
    News from sunny California:
    It’s not the longevity, but the quality of life that counts.
    In Gloria Stuart’s case, she fulfilled both. The legendary actress who became Hollywood’s oldest Academy Award acting nominee as Jack’s surviving love interest in Titanic, dies at the age of 100.
    According daughter Sylvia Thompson, Stuart, whose career spanned more than 70 years, succumbed to respiratory failure on Sunday evening while in her Los Angeles home.
    Her daughter adds that the actress had since been diagnosed with lung cancer for five years, not to mention having triumphed over her bout with breast cancer 20 years ago.
    Says Thompson, “She did not believe in illness. She paid no attention to it, and it served her well. She had a great life. I’m not sad. I’m happy for her.”

    • Guillermo, 100 years is not bad, no? That’s two of me and mine…however, in the meantime I’m perfecting the quality part. Getting pretty damn good at it. Stockholm has been incredible. One more day and we fly home and then after a short rest I head just about due west to Toronto. The journey continues. Linnea

  2. Which photo to use as my screensaver?! The fabu “information” photo will do nicely for this librarian. Hi to Aug! XO

    • Wendy, I LOVE it when you comment. Having a blast girl. Since you’ve been practicing, we need to take a trip together one of these days…love you, Linnea

  3. I love your pictures! They are so beautiful and artistic.

  4. Oh how wonderful you are enjoying your trip so much. I visited Stockholm, Uppsala, Goteborg & Malmo when I was there in the 70s. My cousin, I believe, was a professor at Uppsala University. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Stay well, Linnea (NY)

    • Linnea, I absolutely loved Sweden. I actually met Anya, my friend in Stockholm, through INSPIRE. We emailed back and forth for some time before my visit, but it was the first time we’d met. It was wonderful! One of these days I may be coming to your little town…Linnea

  5. How interesting to see the familiar views of Stockholm seen through the camera lens of an art photographer. You have captured the feeling of the city and freshness of the countryside in your powerful images.
    I can feel how much you have enjoyed the trip together with your son.
    I’d like to send email to you, because there would be so much to write about your blog.
    I hope you had safe and smooth flights back home – and Toronto. Take care,

    • Paulina, I have no choice but to go back to Stockholm for another visit, as there were too many things I couldn’t see; including Mille’s Garden and The National Museum (which, unfortunately was closed on the Wednesday I had set aside). Maybe next time I can swing by Finland too! Linnea

  6. Never mind, Linnea, if you missed some art museums in Stockholm. Your own photo art show here is so fascinating. I’d love to be your guide, if you travel again to Sweden or Finland. Paulina

  7. Ooh! I was there in August and fell in love with the Magarethe bowls!

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