Stockholm and Uppsala: out and about

2 responses to “Stockholm and Uppsala: out and about

  1. Thanks for sharing your adventure in Sweden. I follow you in the narrow cobblestone streets with elaborated facades and strange names. I like the colors, composition, old and new, details in the floor and ceramics or graffiti in the walls.
    People like you are hiding well, is for the lyon on the street?.
    Churches are good places to be alone and rest.
    Enjoy your journey 25 hours a day.
    I’m sorry had to cancel my trip on rivers of Spain and Portugal staying in old posadas. My response was interrupted, Honey my dog got a mouse in the garden and tail hanging from her mouth offered to the goddess Beryl, she refused but I rewarded and exchanged for a cookie

  2. Guillermo, your travels are my travels as well (I feel that I am absorbing some of your personal history as you are sharing it–don’t stop!). A cookie for a mouse? Sounds like a deal. Linnea

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