Around Stockholm

12 responses to “Around Stockholm

  1. Linnea!

    I hope you’re having a glorious time! These photos are amazing!


  2. missing you both so much but I couldn’t be happier that you are on this adventure together.
    Love, love, love, your sister and auntie

  3. Are you planning on going north? In that case, I have place for you to come and visit Arjeplog, the Silver Museum and me!

    • Trudie, you are here in Sweden? I don’t know that I will make it that far north this trip, but I am already planning (hoping, make that) to come again–so perhaps we can make plans. Your area sounds lovely and just about the right size…(population). So maybe give me a raincheck! Linnea

  4. Have an awesome time!

  5. Great shots, girlie! Love your eye.

  6. W, thanks; I like when your eye likes my eye. L

  7. First time reader, but have spent much of this evening with you on your journey. Hope to get to know you better soon….but while you’re still in Stockholm (if you are), my absolute favorite sight was the Vasa Museum. Something about a nearly four hundred year old ship still in all it’s glory speaks of timelessness, a concept which I am finding quite reassuring with my relatively new lung cancer diagnosis.

    • Marjorie, I’m glad you found the blog. I too loved the Vasa Museum. For me it was like certain dreams I’ve had (as I’m a treasure hunter). Timelessness is indeed a reassuring concept. Linnea

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