Quick, quick post just to say god morgan (good morning) from Sweden. After almost a full day of travel employing a wide variety of modes of transport (car, bus, airplane(s) and a taxi), August and I arrived at our first stop in Stockholm; STF Fridhemsplan. Our flight out of Boston was a redeye, but we had time to enjoy a delicious meal at the Legal C in the international terminal in Logan prior to departure. Good thing, as the in flight dinner was never served. Our flight plan coincided with the path of a tropical storm (Ivan?) and so was quite turbulent for a sustained period. I actually found the rather gentle jolting soothing, and slept soundly for a couple of hours.

We had to change planes at Heathrow, which ended up being a huge hassle. Extremely poor signage, not one but two passes through security (where I had to justify my second quart baggie of liquid meds–alubuterol and such) and after going to the wrong terminal, a rather mad dash to the correct one.

When we finally deplaned in Arlanda, the order and serenity of the Swedish airport was a breath of fresh air. After checking in at our hostel (we are working our way up the food chain accommodation wise), we took a stroll around and ended having a great dinner out.

Yesterday August was feeling a bit under the weather, but a trooper nonetheless. As it was a beautiful sunny day we spent most of it walking around the center of Stockholm.

We are checking out of this lovely hostel (which bears no resemblance to the six dollar a night hostels I frequented throughout Europe in the 1970’s) this morning and after stowing our luggage in a locker at Central Station, we shall walk across the bridge to Gamla Stan. Tonight we shall have dinner at the home of some Swedish friends; tomorrow I hope to travel to Uppsala.

3 responses to “Sweden!

  1. Enjoy it! It must be a great country!
    Love Caroline

  2. Dear Linnea:
    I was worry and sweating without updates in your blog.
    Is great now, survivor of flying over Russia and stormy Igor, Ivan’s? and Heathrow airport. My English wife had problems with signage in Toronto and waited for buses in the wrong side of the road, she was hit by a car crossing the road, her brocken arm insurance payment of $6,000 was the down payment in her first new $25,000 condominium, great prices in the seventies, now you pay more for breakfast at 60 SEK. I notice that the best hostel in Sweden has hotel beds in every room, good with so many shinny heads!
    When I was a little kid I tossed something into the sea and wished I didn’t. I was on vacation in Mar del Plata, in a crowded public beach I had the urge to go! Without public washrooms, it was in the forties, I went in with the dark water up to my chest. Surprise! my offer to Yemanjá the sea goddess floated and followed me in my escape from it and starring people. Drink bottled water.

    “With slower pulse our heaths last more, we live longer!”
    Correct mistyped “heaths” to “hearts”

    Have fun wit stretched arms, Playboy Gaming now?
    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated?)

  3. Flying in “tropical storm Ivan” you did not look down, hurricane Igor was pummeling New Foundland, Canada


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