Daily Archives: September 23, 2010


Quick, quick post just to say god morgan (good morning) from Sweden. After almost a full day of travel employing a wide variety of modes of transport (car, bus, airplane(s) and a taxi), August and I arrived at our first stop in Stockholm; STF Fridhemsplan. Our flight out of Boston was a redeye, but we had time to enjoy a delicious meal at the Legal C in the international terminal in Logan prior to departure. Good thing, as the in flight dinner was never served. Our flight plan coincided with the path of a tropical storm (Ivan?) and so was quite turbulent for a sustained period. I actually found the rather gentle jolting soothing, and slept soundly for a couple of hours.

We had to change planes at Heathrow, which ended up being a huge hassle. Extremely poor signage, not one but two passes through security (where I had to justify my second quart baggie of liquid meds–alubuterol and such) and after going to the wrong terminal, a rather mad dash to the correct one.

When we finally deplaned in Arlanda, the order and serenity of the Swedish airport was a breath of fresh air. After checking in at our hostel (we are working our way up the food chain accommodation wise), we took a stroll around and ended having a great dinner out.

Yesterday August was feeling a bit under the weather, but a trooper nonetheless. As it was a beautiful sunny day we spent most of it walking around the center of Stockholm.

We are checking out of this lovely hostel (which bears no resemblance to the six dollar a night hostels I frequented throughout Europe in the 1970’s) this morning and after stowing our luggage in a locker at Central Station, we shall walk across the bridge to Gamla Stan. Tonight we shall have dinner at the home of some Swedish friends; tomorrow I hope to travel to Uppsala.