Daily Archives: August 12, 2010

Stability reigns

I am happy to report that my latest scan was stable. Just in case I’m not paying attention, the radiology report noted “Multiple unchanged bilateral and ground glass semisolid nodules since 6/7/10, although significantly increased since 7/09, likely represent a multifocal lung cancer/BAC”  The word significantly, though possibly accurate, seems unduly harsh.  I prefer the final impression, which reads: “Gradually worsening multifocal lung cancer/BAC…”

At any rate, I can stay on the 1066 for at least another two months (it will be two years on trial October 1st). Yippee!

On Tuesday morning, Peter and I drove south for a two day sentimental journey to some of our favorite spots in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Peter spent the first ten of his thirteen years in Ipswich, and although he has a good life in New Hampshire, he misses the coast of Massachusetts dearly.

After picking up one of Pete’s long time friends, Durin, we stopped for lunch at a deli in the village.  Ipswich being yet another small community, we immediately ran into another friend, Elizabeth, and her son Luke.  They joined our small party. After lunch it was time for some chocolatte frappes from Zumis, a wonderful little coffee shop in Ipswich owned by our friend Umesh and his wife.

We joined up with Jemesii, who was able to spend a little window of time with us (that girl is always working).

And then, Crane Beach!  Crane Beach was definitely one of the very best things about living in Ipswich. A mere ten minutes from our house, it was an unbelievable natural resource. Swimming in the summer; but also a lively (if sometimes brutally cold) place to walk and beach comb in every other season as well.

We stayed at the beach until the sun was quite low in the sky, and then we dropped Durin off. Pete was invited to bunk at Durin’s, so Jem and I enjoyed a girls only evening, including dinner out and the night in a hotel.

Jemesii had to head home in the morning. After I picked up Peter at Durin’s, we went to Elizabeth’s. Pete and her son Charlie hung out while Elizabeth and I hit the beach again for a long walk/talk. For lunch, we went to the famous Clam Box for fried clams, onion rings, french fries and cole slaw. So, so bad for you and so very yummy as well. We changed into our swimsuits and returned to the beach for a couple of hours, said goodbye to Elizabeth and Charlie, and made one last stop on the way out of town for key lime pie ice cream and raspberry lime rickies at White Farms, another local institution. Totally satisfied but also completely stuffed, (and mildly horrified by this respite from a healthy diet) Peter and I opted to forgo a plan for dinner. After agreeing that we would do it all again before summer ended, we pointed the car north and got back on the highway.