Daily Archives: July 27, 2010

Reunion in Marfa: part II

And a few more photos:

Donald Judd's milled aluminum boxes in a different light

More Judd sculptures

Another permanent installation at Chinati

Interior of the arena

Reunion in Marfa

Last weekend it was time for the annual reunion of my childhood friends, and this year we convened in Marfa. It was a blast and I’ve got a few stories to share. I’m going to have to do so in bits and pieces, as (ironically following my last post) it would seem that my laptop picked up a virus of its own. At any rate, it’s toast, so I’m poaching moments here and there from Peter and David on their (sigh) yet healthy computers.

For the moment I’m going to put up a few photos and there will be more of those as well as a tale or two to come:

Agave in Bloom

Sky above hangar at Chinati

Donald Judd's milled aluminum boxes

Melinda, Sally, Amy, and Kate taking a break at Chinati