Team Lung Love

The first Team Lung Love was a huge success.  The event was the brainchild of Julia Gaynor, a wee dynamo who is passionate about lung cancer (she lost her beloved mom to the disease a little over two years ago) and running.  There were thirty nine people who crossed the finish line and twenty or so volunteers. Almost $55,000 was raised for the Lung Cancer Alliance (Team Lung Love is still accepting donations), over $4000 of that amount raised by David and more than $8000 by my sister Laura.  I am so proud of them both, and of Peter too:  he ran the first five miles of the race, doubled back for his dad, walked/ran the next eight miles and booked it for the last stretch.  Not bad for his first half marathon.

My sister Laura and friend Stacy

Jim, Karen, (a survivor) and Linda

Those who ran and walked had all been personally touched by lung cancer (including a large and speedy group of young nurses from MGH) and three of the participants in the half marathon were actually survivors (Diane, Karen, Judith, you are amazing!).  It was a splendid gathering of passionate, caring people putting one foot in front of the other to make a difference. I am hopeful that next year I can participate in the race, although I was content to fill the role of spectator/cheerleader this go around. I’m certain Julia and the Lung Cancer Alliance will grow this concept into bigger teams and other venues, so look for more Team Lung Love.

9 responses to “Team Lung Love

  1. Linnea (from NY)

    Wished I’d gone…it turned out to be a beautiful day. I am attending an LCA dinner tomorrow evening and going to the local ACS Relay for Life in mid – June. Linnea, you are incredible!!! What an advocate. Would you like to go to Washington D.C. and speak to our representatives???

  2. Linnea (from NY)

    I’m thinking about it. There’s a mtg. on 5/12 with LCA … in Washington, DC at the National level. I get emails about it. Specifically, they are discussing lung cancer and women…hmmm. Something else to think about. 5/12 may be too soon, but an appearance could be planned in the future.

    • Linnea, I was seriously tempted to go to the 5/12 meeting, but just can’t manage it this week. At some point though, I think the Linneas should storm the Hill (we’ll tag-team).

  3. Linnea, you are one tough Mother!!! Something I have always admired about you…..I hope you have a beautiful day.

  4. Linnea…Congratulations to Team Lung Love! I would definitely love to see you if you get to Philly and the Mutter Museum. I’ve heard it’s most interesting. If you do not have my email address let me know and I will get it to you via the kind people at MGH.
    Wishing you a joyful Mother’s Day!

  5. Evie, I will certainly let you know if I’m headed that way (in fact, let’s just count on it). Wishing you a beautiful day as well, followed by many others. Linnea

  6. It’s been over a week since I first meet Team Lung Love and the amazing people behind the Lung Cancer Alliance team (Emily, Diane, Will, and of course Julia), and RAN the 1/2 Marathon. Words simply fail to truly express my joy, empathy, and comfort in sharing and hearing similar heart-wretching stories of individuals who have lost a mother, a father, a sibling, or a good friend or worst, being diagnosed with the dreaded disease but to have survived it.
    This was a bitter sweet moment for both my wife and I who both lost our mothers 16years ago, four months apart.

    Thank you all for lifting us up and providing some humanity to this thing called life.

    Love you all!!!

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