Moving on

Last week I got an email from an editor at the New York Times telling me that the photo I had sent in for their online interactive collage would be in a feature in the Science Section of Tuesday’s paper.  Kind of fun.

Wednesday morning we left for the south shore of Massachusetts. For the past several days our home away from home has been our little Airstream Trailer.  Meema (David’s mom) is in the midst of chemo for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and we’ve been preparing some meals for her. David has also been making arrangements for the sale of her former home, which has been in the family since 1902. I have had fun wandering around taking photos of the now rather deserted interior (vaguely reminiscent of Grey Gardens, minus the raccoons).

Tomorrow we head to Providence, Rhode Island, where we will join my sister Laura and her friend Stephanie.  In the evening we will have a spaghetti dinner with the members of Team Lung Love, and on Sunday morning I will be on the sideline cheering on Peter, David, Laura, Stephanie, Julia and assorted others in the Cox Rhode Race.  I’ll be wearing my new bright white tennies, and I hope to walk part of the way with them.  Go Team Lung Love!

6 responses to “Moving on

  1. Linnea
    I just want to let you know you are amazing! I read your updates and am so touched by your strength and courage.

    I actually learned about your blog through the NY Times piece.. I’m so glad I found it!

    • Christine, thank you. I felt that the NY Times collage was so moving–I loved that they made it interactive on many levels, from voluntary participation to the chance to write something so that we could read what everyone had to say–thereby giving us the opportunity to connect. And I am pleased that you chose to connect with me. Linnea

  2. Pat & Will Plattner

    Will and I just love thinking about you guys in that Airstream Trailer!!! Neat way to travel, for sure!
    Good luck to all the runners! Your smiling face, Linnea, will be all they will need to push them towards the finish line!

    • Pat and Will, we certainly travel in (tiny but chic) comfort with the Bambi. The runners and walkers have loaded up on carbs and hydrated in preparation for the event. My sister Laura, who is running the full, is actually drinking a white russian as part of her hydration. She would be a good addition to the parties at the Bistro. I will be smiling away; it’s the least I can do. Linnea

  3. Hello Linnea – I just found your blog. Georgia arrived today for a visit from Wisconsin and told me about it right away, and I have been engrossed – reading every entry – absorbing it all, the gorgeous photographs and the beautiful brave prose and your courage and clarity. I am cheering you on so much from over here. I am in awe of your courage and joy and artistry and would love to stay in touch too… for now I am sending you a very big wave of love and friendship and memories of you in your wellies digging for treasures in the Ipswich River low-tide mudflats… and hope we can keep talking/writing/thinking together. Om namah shivaya Linnea…. xxx

    • Liz, so good to hear from you! And, you’re a real sport to start slogging through all of these. I have fond memories of treasure hunting in the Ipswich River as well…And I am so glad that you got in touch and yes, let’s stay that way. Linnea

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