St. George, Utah

On Saturday morning I landed in Las Vegas, where I was met by my sister Bink and brother John. We rented a car and after a mandatory stop at In and Out Burger (John’s mandate), we headed to St. George, Utah.  That is where our mom, Ev and stepfather Jim live.

For two days we visited and reminisced while going through all the old photo albums.  John had some business in Vegas, but Bink and I had the chance to go to Zion National Park with Jim and Ev.

It had been raining, and much of the rock was slicked black with moisture and waterfalls were everywhere.  The higher cliffs moved in and out of low clouds. There were also no crowds, which made it a really special day on which to see Zion.

We bade farewell to Jim and Mom on Tuesday morning, as we were flying from Vegas to Denver.  I spent the majority of my youth in Colorado, and still have a good deal of family there.  The coming week would be chock full of reunions.

2 responses to “St. George, Utah

  1. So nice to see your pictures and the way you travel! Seems you are in good shape and with a lot of warm and lovely people around you.

    Lots of love Caroline

    • Caroline, it was a great time. Always fun to step out of your regular life for a bit. Take good care, Love, Linnea

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