A chilly and magical morning to share

We made a quick trip to the south shore of Massachusetts this weekend. David’s Mom is going to be moving into a smaller home soon, and we’ve driven down there when possible to help with sorting, packing and transport.

This morning we rolled out of bed just as the sun was rising. Temperatures the night before had dropped so low that the harbor was completely iced over.  My pajamas provided an extra layer of warmth beneath my clothes, as I hurried outside to take some photos.  It was so surreally beautiful.

7 responses to “A chilly and magical morning to share

  1. Thanks for sharing they are great..mysterious and making me feel quit and still.

    Love caroline

    • That is a perfect way to describe how it felt Caroline–mysterious, quite and still. Live (and love!) Linnea (my i’s and my o’s like to change places, but it works)

  2. Truly magical. Thanks for jumping out of bed so quickly and letting us be part of that beautiful morning! Love, Anja

  3. Anja, you are so welcome–and I hope you had a wonderful party on your special day. Love, Linnea

    • Yes I did, Linnea! But I really would have loved to welcome you here in our small and crowded party-apartment. Wonderful food, which my dear husband had been preparing all day, and great Spanish wine to accompany it. But sometime, I’m sure we’ll meet, and I actually believe it’s going to be summer! I’m so glad I found your blogg and I’m grateful to you for reaching out to me. Thanks. Love, Anja

  4. Linnea,

    Truly beautiful and breathtaking! Where were you on the Mass. Coast? The Cape? Since I live near the Ocean, the Great South Bay and the LI Sound…I’ve experienced many breathtaking views in the off season. Wonderful and enjoy!

    Linnea (from New York)

  5. Linnea–this was in Mattapoisett on Buzzards Bay. That’s cool that you live near the ocean. As beautiful as the fresh water lakes in New Hampshire are, we have a particular soft spot for the ocean…Linnea

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