Today, my heart goes out to Haiti.

One response to “Haiti

  1. The images are shocking, tragic and very sad.
    It makes most of everything else trivial.

    Over 150,000 haitians call Canada home, most live in bilingual Quebec.
    Our Haitian looking and born Governor General Michaelle Jean represents the queen.

    Of 6,000 canadians in Haiti over 1,400 still unaccounted or missing.

    I read that Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier said that haitians have a destiny to suffer. He conveniently drew on his voodoo belief system to cast as predetermined the nature of his election and inauguration and even the assassination of John Kennedy – all took place on the 22nd.
    Your lucky number Linnea, the two ducks.

    I read that we can make a pact with the devil, represented by pastor Pat Robertson?,
    and don’t need lucky numbers or to be anxious about cancer or CT scans.

    Now USA have an opportunity to do good fixing a sorry land, read below for mature audiences:

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