Santa was in the house

The lake finally froze over during the day on Christmas. It has been cold enough to do so for some time now, but until now very windy with the water always in flux. Today, the day after Christmas, it has begun to snow. I have stayed in my pajamas all day, and lain on the couch in front of the fireplace, reading The Voyage of the Narwahl by Andrea Barrett. As it involves an expedition to the arctic and a ship that must overwinter after becoming trapped in the ice, it seems a very fitting story for my own housebound state on a wintry day.

It has been a lovely holiday. On Christmas Eve we were joined by Jemesii and her husband Jamie as well as our dear neighbors Harold and June. David had been simmering a ham for the entire day in Madeira. I prepared green beans with ginger and poached some pears.  It was a festive meal, but I retired not long after dinner, as I had been on my feet too much and my ankle was quite swollen and sore (just as I was beginning to think that maybe I would be able to ski after all this season).

I needed to arise early in the morning to make a coffee cake using my mother’s recipe and my Grandma T’s bundt pan: always a sentimental task. Peter has recently discovered the joys of sleeping in, and also exhibits all the Christmas morning restraint of someone who is almost 13, so he set his alarm for the reasonable hour of 8 am. Of course, once he’d awakened, he did his best to hurry us all in to the tree and the presents that lay beneath.

Going through our stockings and opening our gifts is always a good deal of fun, as Santa and company tend to make some fun and quirky selections. Among this years favorites were an old stadium light bulb mounted on a stand that Jem and Jamie gave me, and a fabulous mechanical bank that Peter found for his dad at the local Goodwill. It is a very irreverant take on the tale of Jonah and the Whale: Jonah is tossing a nun into into the mouth of the behemoth.  My gift from Peter was a wonderful fish that he carved from stone in a class at school.

In the afternoon, we made a quick trip down the road to our friends Mary and Raleigh.  They constructed their home many years ago from the salvaged remains of two barns and a house, and it sits like an enchanted cottage at the end of a long driveway.  Raleigh, who has a snow white beard and hair, sported a red t-shirt with SANTA printed on the front. After a toast in Swedish, we ate pickled herring on crackers and drank frosty aquavit.

After we returned home David prepared a dinner of fresh lobster (he loves to cook, and does it very well).  Today he made us lobster rolls for lunch with the leftovers.

Now we are drinking a glass of wine and soon Jemesii and I are going to watch L’Iceberg, in sticking with the general theme of the day.

I’ve said it before, and I’m going to keep saying it…I’m having a great time at this party and I’m hopeful I won’t have to leave anytime soon.  Life really is great.

4 responses to “Santa was in the house

  1. Since my 5 year old daughter toll her 8 year old sister that Santa was not real, Santa does not visit my house. We do share gifts, among them I got a marijuana joint from my oldest daughter, cancer medicine?
    This year instead of the traditional pagan tree I displayed a Nativity made in clay by Inca indians, instead of camels the three kings arrive with a llama, a ñandu (pampas ostrich) and a horse (made in ceramic by my daughter in school). Baby Jesus has a Peruvian hat. My father’s name was Jesus but I don’t say that I am the son of Jesus. If anybody thinks that this is irreverent the Spanish Catalans have The Caganer (The Shitting Man) that was a obliged figure in the Christmas mangers. Putting this jolly little man in the crib used to bring luck and happiness. Now you can use a local politician figurine.

    We had a green Xmas in Toronto, with rain the snow melted.

    My daughter father in law went skiing on Xmas eve and was operated for brocken leg on Xmas day, Santa’s present steel rod and 9 screws. Linnea wait until next season.

    Whish you a good 2010 (almost your lucky number plus half) with lots of happiness, health and prosperity.

  2. Guillermo, I love your outlook on life. Please don’t ever stop writing–your comments often make my day. A Happy happy new year to you as well my friend. Linnea

  3. I still enjoy making the spritz cookies with my children. We did and they were delicious! On 12/22/09, my radiation oncologist discharged me…’s been over two years since my treatment ended. I cried on my way to my car.

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