Thanksgiving in Marfa, 2009

It has been the most wonderful week in Marfa; with nary a moment to write and an internet connection that was just way too slow even if I’d had the time. Pete and I are sitting in a hotel next to the El Paso airport (a hotel with free Wi-Fi), as a rare snowstorm is going to make travel from Marfa tomorrow morning difficult. I am sorry to miss this weather “event”, but as David had to transport us, (he is staying in Marfa with Jem for three more days), it would have meant some possibly treacherous driving for him. The upside is that I now have the time and the means to post a blog.

Where to start…family, food, fun:  all in copious amounts.  I received some amazing gifts, including a fat tire bicycle from the Owsley family, a pecan pie, and a small Rebecca Holland sculpture.  August is working on a song for my birthday and Jem is making a necklace.  Pete’s present was a piece of petrified wood.  My sister Laura came with birthday cakes for me and for Jemesii, who turned 25 on the 16th.  It was noted that I was now a half century, Jem a quarter, and Pete one eighth of a century in age.

The Thanksgiving meal was outrageous.  No one left the table hungry, and we laughed until our cheeks hurt.  It was really one of the best parties ever, and I am so glad (and honored) that much family made the long drive to join us. There was one more magic moment.  After nightfall, David called us outside to look up at the moon. It was surrounded by a large white halo: a perfect white circle ever so much like the one I imagine protecting us all.  I couldn’t help but feel this a positive omen; certainly I had received the best gift ever.  More time!

5 responses to “Thanksgiving in Marfa, 2009

  1. you are a gift for all of us.

  2. Nice to read you had such a great time and a star in living your life to the maxx!!

    Lots of love Caroline

  3. Hi Caroline! Life to the maximum is definitely my motto. How have you been feeling? And you know, I have another question for you–did you ever get tested for mutations? I know you are taking tarceva, but are you positive for EGFR? If not–I think you should try to get tested for ALK and K-RAS. I just hate that you are battling this disease at such a young age.
    I am thinking of you always Caroline. Love, Linnea

  4. that picture is, by the way, the cutest thing EVER!

    ❤ jemesii

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