Eleven screws and a plate

Yesterday I had my two week post-op appointment for my ankle. All seems to be healing well and I had the stitches removed.  I will be in the boot for another four weeks at least;  three more weeks minimum for crutches, but I can start being more active in general and I can begin working on the exercise bike.  Yea!  We also got to see the x-ray of the hardware. Eleven screws and a plate–a lot of metal! I wish I had asked for a copy of the x-ray because it’s really kind of cool. When I do receive a copy, I will add it to this post.
It was also necessary to make a quick trip to infusion for my calendar and I ended up feeling really nauseous. I had this happen several weeks ago as well and I have to believe it is a late side effect of the trial drug. At any rate, Marguerite and Sarah came to my aid with some compazine and David procurred some nifty looking barf bags just in case. Might have bee the company, but soon I was feeling better. David grabbed us a quickie lunch at Whole Foods and we headed over to Chelsea for my CT scan of my chest and abdomen–those two months in between scans really fly by.
Today David took me on an impromptu field trip. We drove up to the foot of Mt. Washington (home of the world’s worst weather–really). It was not possible to go further unless we hiked in, as the road is already closed for the season. We enjoyed the visitor’s center and I felt very encouraged by a conversation I had with an older gentleman and his companions in the parking lot. They were outfitted for a hike, and commented on my air cast. He had suffered the same injury while biking five years ago. It did my heart good to see him hiking in the White Mountains!

We picked up some lunch in a little organic deli/store above Conway where I was told by a man that I looked just like Amelia Earhart.  I returned home well satisfied, even if I wasn’t able to join the hikers this time. Now that my general mobility has increased and it is no longer necessary to keep my leg elevated, I am looking forward to returning to other activities, such as drawing and painting.  In fact, I’m going to make a pot of tea and go start now.

2 responses to “Eleven screws and a plate

  1. Hello!

    Nice blog! Good to read you get your mobility back! Enjoy the painting en the tea;)

    Love caroline

  2. Gracias Caroline. Live and love, Linnea

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