Quick trip out back

On Sunday, David and Peter went to the fair in Sandwich along with Jemesii and her husband Jamie. David had valiantly tried to find a wheelchair to rent so that I could come too, but where we live it is difficult to secure such a thing and certainly not for only one day. So I bid them adieu with one request: I asked David to take some pictures of Pete on the carnival rides. Peter LOVES any sort of whirlygig or roller coaster; the crazier the ride the better.  My heart is always in my mouth as I watch him, but his blissed out expression is a joy to behold. Perhaps all the more so, because Peter is generally very sedate and measured as he goes about his life, and there is something quite unexpected in his relish of these gravity defying rides.L1010163

Yesterday David addressed my hunger to be out and about.  He hitched the trailer behind our tractor and made a nest of sorts out of sleeping bags.  This was my chariot, and after tucking me in, he slowly made his way down to the edge of the woods.   Once there, I was able to hobble around a bit on my crutches and see all those leaves close up.  And I was outside!  Yes!  My little adventure concluded with a ride through a section of the woods and then a glass of wine in front of the fire with my leg propped up.  A good, good, day.

Sadly, we also bade goodbye to Jemesii.  She has been here ever since the day I broke my ankle, and now her leaving felt a bit like when she first left home to go to college. She has been such a star the past two and a half weeks: nursing me, cleaning, baking, doing laundry, ferrying and looking after her younger brother. Buddy (our golden retriever) has an even bigger crush on her now than he did before.

Jem even set about organizing 25 years worth of family photos.  This is a task that time has only made more daunting, and therefore, less likely that I would get to it. Peter has helped her, and it has been fun to have these visual reminders of days past on display.

Anyway, I am so thankful that she was able to be here and I continue to be awed by her burgeoning capability and maturity:  this person whom I have loved and watch grow for almost a quarter of a century now.  Thank you for sharing her Jamie!

7 responses to “Quick trip out back

  1. Wow great you went outside! How nice that they arranged it for you!
    I hope you will get more of those moments:)

    ( I got your reply on my blog )

    Love Caroline

  2. Yea–glad you got my reply. Hope your toes are feeling better and that you are out and about as well. Love, Linnea

  3. While I appreciate the sentiments, it was the least I could do! If I could magically fix your ankle I would be much happier as I know how difficult this all is for you ❤

    It was actually really positive for me, spending the time with you and pete and dave and sweet buddy… and made me a little more confident that when James and I finally have kids I'll be up to the challenge 🙂

    ❤ jemesii

    ps. james soooo needed me to come home, you should see my house ❤

  4. OH. and double PS.. I told my agent about David hitching up the tractor for you and she thought it was totally romantic ❤

  5. Love you sweet pea. Mom

  6. A truly mixed blessing….the pain and frustration of the break and immobility but luck with having such great people around you

  7. Katherine–I have missed you! Hope all is well up north and that you had a good Thanksgiving. Love, L

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