Daily Archives: September 24, 2009

Quick commercial break: a little bit of beauty beneath our feet

I know I said that I would resume my original story in the next post (diagosis et al), but it is WAY too beautiful to talk about lung cancer today.  I just got back from a quick hike through the woods, and I would like to share some photos.   Fall is just revving up here, and I have been photographing the leaf litter, coincidently referred to as duff.  I’ve already mentioned  my looking down game.  There is only one rule:  no rearranging on my part.  These are nature’s little vignettes.

Whereas many, maybe most people, concentrate on the scenery, I am attracted to the details.  This helps prevent my tripping on things that lay at my feet, but I do whack my head a lot.  I’ve often thought that I would eventually perish by being washed out to sea while in the act of beach-combing (that actually sounds rather lovely).  I am also drawn to objects that are discarded.  Qualifying discard includes trash (particularly weathered objects like beach glass) as well as flea market and thrift store finds.  Nature has it’s own flotsam and jetsam:  feathers, shells, dead insects, bones, fossils.  You name it, I’ve found it.  My looking down photos are simply another form of treasure hunting for me.   They are also a reminder that there is beauty everywhere, often beneath our feet.  Please enjoy this beautiful fall day with me.L1010053L1010049L1010045