Parting shots from Nova Scotia

FairyFashion_Veil_003I said previously that I would post some more images from Nova Scotia.  My friend Sadie (click here to see Sadie’s website) took the photos and my (new) friend Katherine made the gowns (click here to be connected to the Fairy Fashions website).  Katherine’s niece Zoe and my daughter Jemesii are the models.  Sadie’s photos are amazing, and Jem and Zoe look like princesses (or maybe goddesses; sounds stronger) in a fairy tale.



6 responses to “Parting shots from Nova Scotia

  1. oohhhhhhh
    they are sooooo beautiful

  2. Alec Chapman Vargus


    I don’t know if you’ll actually see this or not Linnea but just wanted to let you know Jem told me about your site and that you were doing well. Miss all of you guys, thanks again for taking me in as a stray as long as you did. -Alec

    • Alec–I never thought of you as a stray and you were always welcome. Good to hear from you–you were there in the beginning and know how bad it was. Things are going very well now and hopefully will continue to do so for a long time. Take care my friend, Linnea

  3. gorgeous, huh? L

  4. I think you chose the best ones 🙂 Though the hilarious one of me freaking out as the water comes in is one of my favorites, just for its rediculousness!

    ❤ jemesii

  5. I would’ve saved you…love, Mom

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