On my way back home…

The approach to SFO

The approach to SFO

I’m in the San Francisco International Airport waiting to board a flight back to Boston. Waiting; because flights to Boston are experiencing significant delays due to yet another snow storm. What a winter this has been! And how greatly I have been cheered by a bit of a break from it all!


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2 responses to “On my way back home…

  1. Safe travels, and may you soon be snuggled in your WARM home.

  2. Glad you have had a break from the cold, cold winter Linnea. I thought you might be interested to know that Camilla Zimmermmann’s study on early referral to palliative care is being published in this week”s Lancet journal. Guillermo took part in this study and was very positive about his experience with the team. I recently went for an interview with one of the research assistants as they are doing a follow-up with primary caregivers for the patients in the initial study. Up here in the frozen north, we are having a few days respite from the winter weather. I hope that the sun shines in to your place in the world too.
    love, Beryl

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